My Platform 

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As a Reagan Republican and staunch conservative, I believe in the guiding principles of the Bible and our Constitution, and the values of individual responsibility, limited government, and the free market. 

I am a firm supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, and have earned an "A Rating" from the National Rifle Association. 

I am an advocate for protecting our vulnerable citizens, our children, the elderly, the disabled, and the unborn.  

I am a fierce opponent of government fraud and abhor high taxes and wasteful spending. 

Our state faces many challenges, and with hard work and cooperation we can build a better Texas for our children.

My campaign message is focused on improving our community in the following policy areas:

1. EDUCATION - We must continue to improve our public education system to provide students with the skills they need to compete in a global economy, and to provide local businesses with the highly skilled workers they seek to hire.

2. INFRASTRUCTURE - The strengths of our community (good schools, friendly people, and a competitive economy) have resulted in incredible growth rates locally.  This growth has resulted in a strain on our local transportation and utilities infrastructure.  We must continue to invest in roads and bridges, water supplies, and electric generation facilities to ensure our continued success.

3. PUBLIC SAFETY - Our growing communities must have adequate professional law enforcement and emergency services personnel to protect our families.  Our first responders should have the tools they need to do their jobs in order to keep us safe.  Our state police must have the necessary tools to fight crime that comes across our borders, including drug cartels and human trafficking.

4. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - Good jobs and good schools will continue to contribute to our success, but our local economy needs more high quality businesses to expand and relocate to our area.  Local businesses create jobs and contribute to our economy in many valuable ways.  We must do everything practical to attract employers to our community that are committed to creating high skill and high wage employment opportunties.

As Henry David Thoreau said, "That government is best, which governs least."  Our state government can not and must not be a substitute for individual responsibility.  That being said, what other issues are important to you? 

Let me know your thoughts by e-mail at or message me directly via Facebook or Twitter.

May God bless you, and may God bless Texas!

James Wilson